Master & slave "Slavery" Contract


Of my own free will and out of a desire to express my love and devotion to the man I love and adore I, _______________________, offer myself in slavery to my Master, _______________________, for the period beginning on __________ and ending at noon on_____________.


Although I consider myself to be slave full-time to Master, during the time period expressed above, I will devote myself completely and totally to the pleasure and desires of my Master, without hesitation or consideration of myself or others.


General Rules


The slave agrees to obey her Master in all respects. her mind, body, heart and time belong to Him. The slave accepts the responsibility of using her safe word when necessary, and trusts implicitly in her Master to respect the use of that safe word. If a condition arises in which the slave needs to use the safe word or gesture, her Master will assess the situation, and determine an appropriate course of action.


The slave shall keep her body available for the use of her Master at all times. In addition, the slave agrees that her Master possesses the right to determine whether others can use her body and what use they may put it to. The Master will discuss all such instances in advance with the slave, to be certain that such play with others will not violate any established limits. The slave will keep all pubic hair on her body clean shaven, unless otherwise given permission by her Master to allow her to grow pubic hair.


The slave shall demonstrate her acceptance of her role of service and availability at all times while at home and at other times and places specified by her Master. The slave acknowledges that her Master may use her body or mind in any manner He wishes within the parameters of safety. He may hurt her, within guidelines stated above, without reason to please Himself. The slave enjoys the right to cry, scream or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect her treatment. Further, she accepts that if her Master tires of her noise, He may gag her or take other actions to silence her. The Master may also use rope and other bondage devices to restrain His slave at His discretion and for His pleasure.


The slave will answer any questions put to her honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information her Master should know about her physical or emotional condition and her conduct. While her Master expects His slave to speak honestly and forth rightly about anything that bothers her, she is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. she will phrase her concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept her Master's judgment in these matters without further complaint.


The slave will always speak of her Master in terms of love and respect. She will address him at all times either "Master" or "Sir," ( see Public Rules of Conduct)


****The Master may give the slave "free periods" in His presence during which the slave may express herself openly and freely. There will be no punishments applied during "free periods." It is understood, however, that the slave will continue to address her Master with respect and love at all times and that deviations from this rule is subject to punishment at a later time.


The slave agrees that severe punishment may be assessed for any infraction of the letter or spirit of this contract, and will accept her correction gratefully. The form and extent of the punishment shall be at the Master's pleasure, and the Master shall make it clear to the slave that she is being punished when punishment occurs. The Master shall endeavor not inflict physical harm upon the slave that might require the attention of anyone outside the relationship. Master and slave agree that in extremes circumstances either may activate a free period by using the safe word. The free period will continue until both parties agree that the problem(s) concerned are resolved.


The slave is permitted to engage in any and all activities not actively forbidden by her contract or by later edict of the Master. All rights and privileges not otherwise noted in this contract belong to the Master, and He may exercise them as He chooses.


Private Rules of Conduct


On days when her Master is at work, the slave will greet Him wearing her collar, wrist restraints, and a shirt belonging to her Master. She will wear stockings, either stay-ups or with garters and corsets, if she is to wear panties they must be thongs and if Master finds them unacceptable they will be removed and she will be punished. On days when the Master is home, the slave will wear whatever is deemed appropriate by her Master. When in the same room as her Master, the slave will ask permission before leaving the room, explain where she is going, and why. At mealtimes, the slave will serve her Master, she will wait to be told to sit, she will dress in an appropriate manner for meals, she may be freed from wearing stockings at this meal but must be in heels. On special occasions when the Master informs the slave she will sit at His feet while He eats, at these times the slave is required to be dressed in stockings. When speaking to her Master or being spoken to by Him, the slave will assume a demeanor of alert attention and will meet her Master's eyes directly, unless instructed to do otherwise.

Public Rules of Conduct


The slave will conduct herself at all times in such a manner as to not call attention to Master and slave. She will call her Master by His name only if the use of "Master" is inappropriate. The slave will defer to her Master in public. The slave may dress herself, but must seek approval of any clothing she wishes to wear in public. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the slave may not wear panties and her dress must include stockings either with or without garters, she may wear only crocthless pantyhose, knee socks that have been chosen by the Master are acceptable, appropriate shoes at all times.


Work and School Rules of Conduct


No part of this agreement is intended to interfere with the slave's career or education. The Master wishes the slave to work hard and honestly, in general to conduct herself in a manner calculated to bring honor and respect to them both. During periods of work or classes, the slave is permitted to schedule appointments, to dress in a manner appropriate to work and a school environment, and to leave the house when necessary. During periods of work or study, the slave may answer the telephone and discuss business or class assignments without the expressed permission of her Master. While in school if the slaves grades drop below an acceptable level or she displays poor study habits, her Master may use any measure of punishment at the Master's discretion until her grades and/or study habits are back up to an acceptable level. An acceptable GPA will be determined by her Master. With my signature below, I agree to accept and obey all preceding rules as well as any rules my Master may choose to issue at a later date. I gratefully consign by body and soul to my Master for His pleasure and use for the contract period noted above.


_______________________________ slave __________ date


I accept My slave's desire to serve Me more fully, and take responsibility for her well-being, training and discipline to more perfectly serve My will.


_______________________________ Master _________ date









Generic Slave Contract




Below is a generic "slave contract" template.


100% SUBMISSION CONTRACT BETWEEN _____________________ AND __________________


________________, hereinafter referred to as "Owner", hereby binds this contract with [his/her] signature and the signature of _____________, hereinafter referred to as "slave" in this Submission Contract. Said Contract refers to total dominance and control of Owner in [his/her] relationship with said slave.





The purpose of the servant contract is very important to instill the security of Ownership and all that such servitude implies. The contract is a measure of control. This contract is written to make clear the expectations of Owner and the consequences for failure to live up to this agreement. The contract is a reminder of the many duties and responsibilities of a live-in slave.


Symbols of Ownership include _______________ upon signing this Contract, and any other future marks or tokens Owner may wish to bestow. Symbols of Ownership are visible reminders of status and should be worn with pride. They signify control and the lifestyle chosen by slave


Duties of Servitude


-Above all, it is the duty of the servant to please.



-Personal Duties: Physical/emotional needs of Owner, amusement, sexual toy/plaything, physical comfort, obedience, honesty, loyalty, waiting on Owner as desired and needed.


-Household Duties: Cleaning and keeping the home straightened, laundry, shopping, cooking, care for children when requested, run errands as needed. Any task assigned is considered permanent.


Daily Routine


The established daily routine includes:

Arise 7-8am; Morning coffee and breakfast; Work Serving as Owner needs; Household duties as needed; Dinner duties; Recreation with permission from Owner; 11pm Bed-time





If slave wishes to enjoy the use of the computer [he/she] will ask for a specific time [he/she] wishes to do so. Permission will be by grant of Owner and slave will stop using the computer within 10 minutes after that time set by Owner unless an extension is asked for and granted. If Owner is not at home or unavailable, slave may be permitted to engage in this or other recreation activities. Any chores, commands or cleaning that need to be done will take preference over recreation activity except in the case of a need for break.





All requests for major expenditures will be submitted to Owner for approval. Any expenditure over $10.00 will be completely subject to the approval of Owner prior to purchase unless said item may be returned for a full refund.





Allowance will be set by Owner and distributed to slave as [he/she] sees fit.




Slave will be allowed _____ hours per day [or ____ days per week] for time off, if requested in advance and if Owner agrees.


Owner will not injure, permanently scar or change either slave or [him/her]self, or anyone, or any part of any body.




Slave hereby acknowledges that Owner's authority supersedes [his/hers] in any decision including but not limited to travel plans, visitations, activities, chores, recreation, monetary expenses or expenditures, obligations, managements, diets, readings, processes, consumptions, priorities, communications or any otherwise alternative decision.


Owner will solely determine the residence, including city, county, state and/or country of residence for said slave.



Attitude: The servant should show an attitude of respect at all times. Disrespect is a serious offense and will be punished severely.


Respect includes: manner of speech, promptness, kneeling to serve, proper answers, obedience, loyalty and honesty.


Respect and obedience are the two most important aspects of attitude the servant shall show at all times. Failure will be punished.


Friends and Relatives


All friends and relatives of Owner will be treated with the utmost respect. No anger, argument, condescension, criticism, insult or lack of courtesy will be tolerated. Owner will voice [his/her] compliment, respect and love for same at all times.


Slave hereby agrees to refrain from any insult or criticism of any of Owner's friends or relatives, their culture, attributes, background, class, heritage, or nationality, or any conceived notion detrimental to their status.


Owner may provide lodging for any friend, relative or partner [he/she] wishes. Permission is required from Owner if slave has the desire to provide lodging for any friend, relative or partner. Any disobedience from this rule will be the cause of serious punishment


Behavior in Private


Slave shall address Owner as _____________ at all times without fail. Slave shall pay full attention to Owner when spoken to.


Owner is more important than any other activity the slave may be engaged in. The slave shall sit, stand, walk, kneel, and lay where, when and how Owner desires.


Slave shall stay in bed at night unless permission is granted to do otherwise. The slave shall not remove any restraint device for any other reason than an emergency.


Behavior in Public


The slave shall address Owner as [Sir/Ma'am] at all times when there is not enough privacy to use the afore-mentioned title __________. The slave shall remain within eyesight of Owner unless permission is given to do otherwise. The slave shall be courteous and prompt at all times, showing Owner full respect.


The slave shall dress as Owner desires.


The slave shall not argue or complain when in public with Owner.



Training activities include: daily discipline, offering bed cuffs, proper answers, spending the night in bondage.


Slave will be given a weekly training scheduled for Friday night. Slave shall keep [his/her] Friday evenings free so as to have plenty of time for discipline training. Discipline includes: bondage and restraint, leash training, implements of discipline, training, body and foot worship. Punishment will be given for the following offenses: Going anywhere without permission and/or threatening to do so, Cockiness or rudeness, Drinking without permission, Disobedience


The slave shall perform the confession ritual once a month and be punished accordingly. Failure will be punished.


Explicit Permission: Slave will continually be trained and tested in explicit permission technique.


Special training activities include: Owner's complete control in [his/her] use of humiliation, surprise discipline, cage/bondage time, gags, hoods, etc., cleaning, servant feeding, retraining.


Progress Reports: Owner will prepare progress reports on the training of the slave as [he/she] desires.


Orgasm Control


Slave is to achieve orgasm ONLY by permission of Owner. Slave's orgasms will be controlled for proper training of slave, teaching slave good habits, providing motivation, physical and sexual energy. Owner will allow slave reward upon permission.




Mild Punishments can include: slapping, ear or nipple pinching, cropping, hair pulling, going to bed early, time-outs


Medium Punishments can include: multiple slapping, genital pinching, intense bondage time, clamps and weights.


Severe Punishments can include: panty or ball gags, leg chains and/or handcuffs, caning.


Drinking and Drugs


Slave is allowed to drink alcohol or use ______ drugs only with explicit permission from Owner, when and where and how much [he/she] permits.


Drinking [will/will not] be permitted when going out to eat, [limited to 1 or 2 drinks with permission]. Slave may attend bars, etc., only with Owner, or with [his/her] permission to go with anyone else. Slave must ask permission for each and every drink.


Social Contact


Slave is allowed to write, visit and talk to any family member as long as it does not interfere with [his/her] servitude.


Slave is allowed to write, visit and talk to friends as long as it does not interfere with [his/her] servitude. All such contact will be monitored by Owner.


These are privileges, not rights, and should be appreciated.




This Contract is valid from this day until 6 months has passed, and then it may be renewed or renegotiated if Owner and/or slave feel it needs to be reviewed and updated. At that time, the servant will receive a new contract.


Accepted, understood and agreed to this _____ day of _______,20__


__________________________, Owner


__________________________, slave